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Leadership Coaching


Often when you are in a leadership role, whether it be a team leader Manager, Director or other strategic or executive position, the expectation that we have of ourselves, along with those of others that we manage or lead, can take us down a path of thinking that we must have all the answers. It is one thing to have expertise but another to think that you must be an expert all of the time, however this is the kind of pressure that any leader can find them in. The opportunity to meet with a Leadership Coach who invariably becomes a lifelong professional mentor, will allow you, as it did me to transform your leadership capability and build your confidence. At the core is the knowledge that you will not be judged but free to express yourself, your fears, concerns or anxiety related to a range of workplace matters.

Why Leadership Coaching.


I am really passionate about increasing access to leadership coaching for the Human Services and Health Sectors.  For many of you currently working in these sectors you know, the focus in these organisations is often focused on supervision, which is frequently operational and/or about clinical or program accountability, which leaves little room for transformational growth.


The Human Services sector remains way behind other areas like Sports, Arts, Education and Corporate industries like Marketing and Finance, who have recognised for several years the benefits of Coaching their staff to achieve real success and made substantial investment in Coaching as a tool for building capability and confidence of new and aspiring leaders. For too long, community based organisations and the not for profit, have overlooked the need to invest in developing our new and aspiring leaders.


Currently there is a workforce shortage across many industries and the reform in the Family Violence, Alcohol and Other Drugs and Mental Health are all examples of where there is more positions than staff to fill vacant roles. Not only are we challenged to recruit suitably trained staff, we are also seeing staff who are not confident and willing to take the next step in their professional journey as so often organisations don’t have the infrastructure in place to support their need for professional growth.  Leadership Coaching is critical for staff retention and recruitment now and into the future.

Build Capability and Confidence.

Leadership Coaching is a transformational space; it is not just for CEO’s or the corporate world! But any new and/or aspiring leader in any organisation can benefit from Leadership Coaching. Leadership Coaching is a convergence of minds, its genuine and a collaborative opportunity, which is independent of your staff, team, line manager, or board; that may have an operational and accountability focus. Which whilst important for your organisational process, doesn’t allow you to grow as a professional and build your capability and confidence. Coaching is a non judgmental space which will allows you to let of steam, get support and a guaranteed confidence boost, that as a new or aspiring leader you need right now, as you manage people and process, teams or program outcomes and/or are making difficult decisions. You cant put a price on what Leadership Coaching will deliver and the investment in you will be rewarded with enhanced job satisfaction. Unlike a traditional Leadership Program or Master Program, where we often engage with great formal learning. Leadership Coaching and Mentoring is flexible and adaptive to your needs it allows you to link your thinking to your practice or work product and enhance client/program/organisations outcomes!

What makes this leadership program unique.

Your coach

I know that some of my best growth as a professional came from Coaching and Mentoring that I had during my career!! Coaching is about learning new ways of thinking and behaving to bring about change and Transformation. It offers a flexible, responsive, individual and ‘just in time’ approach to developing resilience, strengthening skills and improving performance and productivity. As a strategic thinker and innovator, I am an experienced and certified level 2 coach. I have qualifications in Coaching, Counseling and Leadership. I am trained to enable your personal and professional transformation, using the knowledge and skills of coaching. My approach is grounded in strengths based and solution-focused ideas, well suited to contemporary holistic, leadership practice. I am dedicated to building organisational capability and individual staff capacity to achieve both quality client and learning outcomes. I can provide Individual and/or small group leadership coaching customized to your groups collective needs and I will help you and/or your leaders to enhance their leadership capabilities to improve resilience, workforce performance, and productivity and increase staff retention.

The following principles inform my leadership practice:

  • Facilitates self-awareness,
  • Provides access to honest and direct feedback,
  • Helps people to learn and adapt to change,
  • Promotes individual and team performance,
  • Optimises potential,
  • Empowers decision-making,
  • Establishes constructive relationships,
  • Grows technical, interpersonal and leadership capabilities.

Your coaching program

*Each consulting/coaching enquiry includes a free session to determine your individual/team or work place needs. Sign up for a 6 session 1:1 individual coaching program delivered either fortnightly or monthly. Engage with a small group coaching program for 5-6 staff from the same organisation or a hybrid of other professionals and reap the reward of a dynamic coaching / learning experience by an experienced coach/facilitator. Tailored Individual programs can also be designed to meet your teams or program needs *Access to a range of resources- tips and ideas to facilitate individuals, small groups and work teams professional growth is available.


Julie has been my coach and mentor for a few months now. During this time she has made me realise my true potential and focus on areas I need to develop as a leader in Health Services. She has provided me with the appropriate knowledge and tools to work through the most difficult aspects of being a new leader. Julie has methodical ways of applying theory to day-to-day work complexities and as a result, I am more confident and able to attend complex matters arising in my role. Thank you.


Since employing Julie as my business coach I have felt more confident in my decision making process. Through discussion I have considered different avenues of choice with Julie and feel that she has assisted me to view these paths with completely open eyes. I feel empowered and this has given me the motivation to execute these choices confidently. Julie has also given me some excellent tools to use to keep my own motivation up going forward and that is the long term goal for me.

Lisa M.

Julie was very personable, realistic and was able to inspire me towards my best self in a very common sense and practical way. For me, her coaching in combatting my negative self talk, helped me to emerge with a new freedom and positive outlook that assists my family and I. The tools Julie provided will enable me to continue to build on our work together! I can wholly recommend C u Change Coaching.

Dream Big.

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